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Let's build a strong and long lasting relationship

Here at Baker Clarke, we value building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients. We’re extremely proud of the exceptional relationships we’ve built with our wide range of clients over the years. Our highly qualified team of experts have an extensive amount of experience in providing accounting, tax and financial services. 

Our strong commercial, financial and technical knowledge allows us to offer business advice too. We’re dedicated to helping our clients grow and achieve their business goals. Whether you’re looking to outsource your finance department, in need of some accurate tax or business advice, or you’re simply keen on finding out more about our services, then we’d love to hear from you. 


Relationships are important to us, let’s start with an initial meeting

We believe that building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients is crucial. So, the first step in our client onboarding process is to meet with you and discuss your business, needs and requirements. 

We’re committed to helping our clients achieve their goals so it’s vital that we have a thorough understanding of your business, goals and objectives. 

We’ll then be able to scope out a strategy that determines the best way forward for your business. If you’re a startup business, we’ll run through your plans and begin preparing some first year profit and tax calculations. 

If you already have an accountant, we will arrange handover directly with them so you have peace of mind.


Once we’ve established your goals, we’ll work with you to help you achieve them

After our initial meeting, the next step is to complete all required paperwork and ensure that you’re happy with the way in which we’ll move forward together. 

We’ll also discuss our initial findings, thoughts and ideas on how we can help your business. 

For startup businesses, we’ll form your company and ensure that you’re fully registered for PAYE and VAT and that other relevant documentation is completed. We’re proud to work with clients from a wide range of industries and with businesses that vary in size. 

Whether you’re an established business who needs a little help getting to that next level, a new company looking for accurate startup guidance, or an individual who simply doesn’t have the time, we’ll be happy to help. 

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Our tax and accountancy team can save you time and money

Depending on the service you require, we can assist you with your chosen accountancy software and become your finance department. 

Our highly-knowledgeable team of accountancy experts have the experience and qualifications to handle all of the bookkeeping, VAT and tax work for you. 

We understand that keeping on top of bookkeeping and VAT can be quite time consuming and it can often feel a little overwhelming too.

We’re happy to handle this side of your business to give you more time to focus on what matters to you. From there we can prepare financial accounts, tax returns and offer practical advice and support. 


We’re proud to help businesses reach new levels of success

We understand that you didn’t get into business to worry about your finances and tax. 

That’s where we step in.

We can handle all of your accountancy, tax and financial requirements, with ongoing continued support for you. 

Our strong commercial, financial and technical knowledge allows us to offer business advice to help your business grow and reach new heights of success.