Media and Entertainment

We are a leading specialist in the media and entertainment industry, Baker Clarke are therefore suitably place to be your Media Accountant.

Baker Clarke offers a wealth of experience in providing accountancy and tax services for media, entertainment and creative industries. 

We understand the complex natural of production cashflow, varying sources of income and a fast paced, busy media world, with time being precious. 

We are able to help you grow your profits, meet statutory obligations, and maximise tax savings. 

How we can help you

You need to be creative, you need us

Does it seem like you’re spending less time being creative and more time worrying about your finances and tax position. 

We are here to support and advise you when you need it the most. 

Whether you’re breaking into the film and television industry or producing the next big thing in gaming, our wide range of tax, accounting and finance solutions can ensure that you have enough time to focus on what matters to you. 

Our experienced, highly qualified Media and Entertainment Accountant team have a thorough understanding and appreciation for the industry. 

Working closely with:
  • Talent agents
  • Behind the scenes professionals 
  • Freelancers
  • Post production
  • Production - Tv, Commercial and Film
  • Video Gaming
  • Web/Digital Media Developers
  • Influencers and Social Media
  • Youtubers
  • Musicians and artists

Our services include:
  • Accounting that is tailored to your Media and Entertainment business
  • Bookkeeping and Auditing
  • Tax Advice and Consultancy
  • Compliance with Relevant Legislations (and any changes in regulations)
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Services
  • Creative industry Credits and reliefs
We are also on hand with management information and advice when you need it, that enhances your opportunity for financial improvement, so that Media and Entertainment business thrives. 

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Video Gaming and Technology

We have a team of highly qualified experts who specialise in supporting video game developers and tech companies. We have a wide range of services that can help you ensure your venture is a success. 

Whether you need support with Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR), R&D or financial planning assistance and tax advice, we are able to support and advise you.

We are well rehearsed in companies seeking crowdfunding and raising finance too.

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Behind The Scenes - Freelancers and Professionals

Let us take care of the financial aspect of your business whilst you focus on capturing the world through the lens of your camera. 

As media and entertainment accountancy specialists, we’re experienced in supporting behind the scenes professionals with a range of financial services. We can provide expert tax and business advice. 

Working with make-up artists, model makers, set builders, on location caterers, camera, and photography, plus many more. 

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Production and Post Production - TV, Commercial and Film

We’re passionate about supporting our clients' creativity, ideas and talent. 

Our team are experts in providing accountancy, tax and financial advice and support to those in the film industry. 

From production budgets and accounts, to tax and VAT planning and compliance, we have a wide range of services that film and commercial production companies can benefit from. 

We are also able to advise on Film Tax Relief (FTR).  

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Agents/Talent Agents

Our team is highly experienced in providing accounting and tax services that are tailored to the needs of Agents/Talent Agents. 

We’re passionate about helping them manage their clientele of performers and artists.  

We are able to provide accounting and bookkeeping services amongst a range of other services that Agents/Talent agents can rely on. 

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Musicians, Artists and Youtubers

Here at Baker Clarke, we’re proud to work with artists, musicians and Youtubers in their creative efforts. 

We understand that your dream of creating music and video content didn’t involve worrying about financial planning or tax forms, that’s where we step in. 

We have the experience to provide sound business and financial advice, tax planning and compliance services and much more.

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Web/Digital Media Developers

We’re committed to supporting creatives from all industries with their financial and professional efforts. 

From app developers, web developers, SEO/digital marketing agencies to e-commerce we have it covered. 

From bookkeeping, support with registrations, end of year accounts and tax return, and a range of other services. 

We’ll help you ensure that you’re making tax efficient decisions and choices that support the growth of your business. 

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